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DHA Licence - Dubai Health Authority Licensing Services

Healthcare Professionals who are looking to pursue their medical careers in Dubai, UAE are required by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) direction, to acquire a license to practice in the Emirate of Dubai. Our DHA Licensing services are hassle-free. Our DHA license agency in dubai means we handle everything on your behalf, from making the applications and paying the required registration or renewal fees to help you prepare for your DHA license exam. We take less time in completing the DHA professional license process than it usually is, which is between 6 and 8 months for those who opt to do the applications for themselves. PrometricMCQ will assign each client a specialized expert to serve as a point of contact for all matters. We know the trust that you have bestowed on us, the money and time you have sweat for, and we will update you on where your resources are being invested. Our DHA license activation specialist will manage your application and send you regular updates about the status of your DHA license application. We also help you to prepare and pass DHA Exam with high scores through our MCQs packages

SCFHS License Assistance in Saudi Arabia by PrometricMCQ

PrometricMCQ is happy to announce we shall now help healthcare providers who want to practice in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf obtain their SCFHS license. If you are a medical expert looking to move to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to work and live there, the law requires you to have a certificate of professional registration and classification from SCFHS (Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. There are some conditions and requirements that you must satisfy to sign up with SCFHS such as sitting for the Saudi Medical License Exam for attaining the SCFHS license. With its planning for the Vision 2030 project, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become an attractive destination to live and work. At PrometricMCQ, we have seen many healthcare professionals applying for the SCFHS, now more than ever before. Our processing for obtaining the SCFHS is easy and straightforward. So, when you entrust us with your licensing application, you can be confident you will secure your medical license. Specialists at PrometricMCQ have years of experience and knowledge in assisting medical experts to obtain their practice license, orderly and quickly. Moving to a foreign country is strenuous and uncertain. So, allow us to relieve you of the stress of dealing with your SCFHS medical license, as you focus on other activities.

QCHP Exam, Qatar Council of Health Practitioners

Healthcare personnel who want to pursue a career in the medical field in the Emirate of Qatar must conduct and pass the QCHP examination to be permitted to practice in the country.

HAAD Exam - Get Professional Abu Dhabi HAAD Licensing from The Most Reliable Service Provider

HAAD (Healthcare Authority of Abu Dhabi is a healthcare arm of the Ministry of Health of Dubai. The goal of HAAD is to monitor the status of healthcare of the residents in the emirates by ensure all the necessary steps are followed to the letter. If you are a healthcare provider who wants to grow your medical career in the UAE, you are required by law to have a license, in this case, the HAAD license to operate in Abu Dhabi, UAE. PrometricMCQ helps healthcare professionals to obtain HAAD licenses. We also provide other consulting services like eligibility requirements for obtaining HAAD licenses based on the current Healthcare Professional Qualification Report in Abu Dhabi. Additionally, we can help you prepare for your HAAD license exam by proving bespoke exam materials including past tests to ensure your confidence to face the haad exam. Documents required for HAAD License Before you can obtain your HAAD license, you must provide a couple of documents and satisfy certain conditions to be eligible: here are the documents you will need to submit: Both sides of a passport copy. A copy of passport photo with white background. Experience certificate. Mark transcript. And academic certificate. Good standing certificate. Logbook for surgeons. Registration or license from country of origin. Certificate of BLS, more so for Allied Health experts. Experienced needed for obtaining HAAD License: Allied health: two years. Paramedical: three years. General doctors: two years. Specialist doctors: three years.

UAE MOH Licence - United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health and Prevention Licensing Services

Healthcare professionals who are looking to grow their careers in UAE need to have a license first before they can practice in the emirate. The UAE MOH licensing program is meant to ensure medical experts are competent and provide safe and quality healthcare services in UAE. Are you a healthcare professional looking for expert help to secure your MOH license or are you are part of a healthcare institution that is looking to provide healthcare services? PrometricMCQ is the consultant you can call on to help you throughout the process to completion. The process of applying for an MOH license can be straining and complex, especially for individuals who are new to Dubai. PrometricMCQ provides expert aid to streamline and expedite the entire process. Through our skills and expertise, we can help you get a new license or renew your license, we relieve off this pressure and errors you may make to reduce delays, allowing you to save cost, time, and effort. We shall appoint one of our experts to be your point of contact. Thus, you won’t need to work with agencies. PrometricMCQ MOH License experts will help you, from signing up, credentials processing, to obtaining your MOH license.

OMSB Licence - Oman Medical Specialty Board Licensing Services

In Oman, the Oman medical specialty board (OMSB) is the mandated governing body to maintain the best possible criteria and quality standards in healthcare. OMSB is responsible for the managing and licensing of professionals. All local and foreign professionals who wish to work in the medical field in Oman must obtain a professional license and register for the OMSB examination. Healthcare professionals must pass the OMSB exam to obtain a license and practice in the country. The exam is administered either orally or online by Prometric. To learn more about licensing and guidelines, read on. Who needs an OMSB license? Everyone, from doctors to healthcare technicians needs a license to work in the healthcare sector in the Emirates of Oman. We have successfully assisted healthcare providers to work in Oman through the OMSB. We can help you too.